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Night Guards – Occlusal Orthotics

We are trained in the fabrication and administration of a variety of appliances or orthotics to accommodate your symptoms and personal preferences. Bruxism, or frequent teeth clenching, is one of the main causes of tooth wear and muscle fatigue. Our oral appliances can help save your teeth, relax tired muscles, and even prevent headaches.

Sports Guards

We make colorful, custom-fit mouth guards for comfortable wear and protection.

Full-Coverage Splints

These are the common, full arch horseshoe-shaped mouthpieces that protect and evenly distribute clenching forces to the teeth, thus wearing down the plastic instead of your teeth. These are also called night guards.

Kois Device

This specialized appliance can be a comfortable alternative in certain instances, as well as a diagnostic tool for helping to establish your preferred jaw position.

NTI-tss: Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition tension suppression system

As the name implies, this small, usually comfortable device is a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic device much beyond its size would indicate. Not only can it help reduce migraines (as mentioned in the paragraph under Headache Prevention), but it will help your muscles relax because it functionally inhibits clenching.

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