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Advanced Services & Technologies

Woman receiving 3D cone beam scan

Dentistry as a whole is evolving faster than ever, and to see evidence of that, all you need to do is visit us here at Pearl Care Dental. We have invested in some of the most advanced tools available today, and they enable us to diagnose and treat an even wider array of health issues with extreme speed, precision, and comfort. To learn more about all the services we offer that you just won’t find at your average dental practice, read on below.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Frustrated man with head in hands

Sleep apnea is a very serious disorder that can leave a person feeling constantly exhausted and even put them at a much higher risk of developing a multitude of potentially fatal health problems. Fortunately, we can alleviate these symptoms using a simple, custom-made oral appliance. Your sleep troubles could be solved almost instantly with just a small mouthguard you only wear at night, enabling you to get the rest you need and wake up in the morning feeling energized again.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea Therapy

DIAGNOdent Laser-Assisted Cavity Detection

DIAGNOdent laser cavity system

This tool uses a concentrated beam of light to help us detect tooth decay at its earliest stages, much sooner than a traditional exam can. It reads the thickness of the enamel and creates a readout your dentist can easily evaluate. With this information, they’ll be able to implement conservative treatments on vulnerable teeth so a cavity won’t develop. Over time, this will help us preserve more of your natural teeth and save you from needing more involved procedures in the future.

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic dental x-rays on computer screen

X-rays have been an important diagnostic tool in dentistry for decades, allowing dentists to find potential dental issues hidden below the surfaces of the teeth. At our practice, we choose to only use digital x-rays because they are much faster than traditional, film-based x-rays, and they also emit up to 90% LESS radiation. Plus, because everything is digital, the images can be easily stored, sent, and displayed on a chairside monitor so your dentist can go over them with you.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Female patient receiving 3D cone beam scan

Our Vatech 3D cone beam scanner allows us to create a fully three-dimensional x-ray image of your teeth, jaw, and other surrounding structures in just a few minutes. This kind of image will help us gain a much deeper understanding of your dental health when normal x-rays won’t suffice, plus it can help us plan more involved procedures like dental implant placement. With it, we can find the ideal locations within the jaw to place the implant posts to provide maximum support while also avoiding sensitive nerves.

Digital Impressions

Woman receiving digital bite impressions

If you’ve ever had an impression taken with dental putty, then we bet it wasn’t exactly your favorite experience. This material is often very messy, tastes odd, and it even causes many patients to gag. To make life much simpler for everyone, we’ve upgraded to only using digital impressions. With this method, we can create a fully digital image of your bite while you relax in the dental chair, putty-free. In addition to being much more comfortable, digital impressions also give us a more highly-detailed model of your teeth, ensuring the quality of any treatment we use it for.

Intraoral Cameras

Woman and dentist looking at intraoral photos

This small, camera-tipped wand can be comfortably maneuvered throughout the mouth to capture high-resolution images of the teeth and gums. Even better, these images can then be displayed on a large, chairside monitor for you and your dentist to see. This will make it much easier for our team to spot dental issues, plus it’ll help you finally see your smile from your dentist’s perspective. This will give you a much deeper understanding of your dental health so you can make more informed care decisions in the future.

Tekscan Computer Bite Analysis

Dentist and patient looking at Tekscan bite analysis

When treating TMD, one of the first things we’ll do is analyze the alignment of your bite. To make sure we’re as accurate as possible, we’ll use something called a Tekscan. It will show how the pressure of your bite is distributed among your teeth, and if we spot any high-pressure spots that could be causing you pain, we’ll be able to directly address them so we can quickly alleviate your discomfort.

CariFree™ Decay Detection

CariFree decay detector tool

This is a relatively new method that can help us stop the development of cavities before they even start. This approach lets our team detect the levels of harmful, acid-producing bacteria in your mouth that are the direct cause of cavities. With this information, we’ll be able to recommend treatments to curtail this bacteria and stop many dental problems before they even start. This will also help you avoid more serious and expensive problems in the future.

Perio Protect Trays

Perio protect tray animation

Plaque and bacteria hidden deep beneath the gum line are almost impossible to reach with your brush and floss, which can make a patient vulnerable to developing gum disease, or allow an existing infection to become much worse. Now, however, using Perio Protect trays, your dentist has a way to deliver medication right to those hard to reach spaces where gum disease thrives. The trays will be specially designed to fit comfortably over your teeth, and they’ll direct medicine deep below your gum line to clear out any harmful bacteria.

Oral DNA and OraVital

OralDNA Labs logo

To help patients dealing with bleeding gums and other oral infections, our Oral DNA and OralVital program can help identify exactly what types of bacteria are present in the mouth. We’ll take a swab of your cheek, send it to a lab, and they will create a readout showing the different levels of bacteria that are in your mouth. Using this information, we can formulate a treatment to restore the natural, healthy balance to your oral biome.

Soft-Tissue Lasers

Hand holding soft tissue laser

Dental lasers have become increasingly important in dentistry today, enabling our team to perform a number of procedures even faster while causing less discomfort. They are particularly useful when it comes to treating both gum disease and periodontal disease. The extremely-concentrated beam of light can instantly eliminate harmful bacteria from the gums, and it can even painlessly remove infected tissue. It can even do all of this without affecting surrounding healthy tissue, making the procedure very painless both during and after.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Ultrasonic scaler tool

These instruments, with the use of a consistent stream of water and high-frequency vibrations, replace the majority of uncomfortable, hand-scraping tools dentists formerly used for scaling, or cleaning your teeth and gums of plaque and tartar. Ultrasonic scalers also facilitate the performance and safety of endodontic therapy, or root canals. Altogether, they enable our team to make your dental care more comfortable (and effective) every step of the way.

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