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Preventive Dentistry Ensures Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Smiling woman in dental chair

At Pearl Care Dental, we’re committed to protecting and preserving your smile as well as your overall health. In order to do that, we provide a variety of preventive services that will help you avoid dental problems so we won’t have to fix them later. By coming to see us just twice a year, we can ensure your oral health and drastically lower your risk for a variety of other serious health conditions at the same time. To learn more about all of the ways we can keep you and your family healthy and happy, read on below, or contact us today for an appointment.

Checkups & Cleanings

Woman smiing in dental chair

These two basic services will enable our team to clean those hard to reach spots in your mouth your brush and floss simply can’t, plus it will give our doctors the chance to catch any dental problems you might have at their earliest stages. We’ll make sure a little problem won’t have the chance to turn into a big one and negatively impact your oral and overall health. Plus, these treatments will help you avoid needing more extensive and expensive procedures in the future!

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Periodontal Therapy

Woman with healthy teeth and gums

Gum disease is one of the leading risk factors for tooth loss as well as diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia, and most people who have it are actually completely unaware. This infection of the gums and bone that surround the teeth is one of the most common dental problems in the entire world, and at Pearl Care Dental, we’ll make sure it never has a chance to harm your smile. We’ll keep a close eye on your gums whenever you come to see us, and if we spot any signs of gum disease, we can use effective periodontal therapy to prevent, manage, and control it.

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Athletic Sportsguards

Preteen boy placing athletic sportsguard

Dental injuries are extremely common in sports, so if you and your child regularly hit the field, mat, or court, you should make sure everyone’s teeth are protected by an athletic sportsguard. We can make you a customized one that will be designed to fit your individual teeth, and we guarantee it will be much more comfortable than anything you can buy at the store. Plus, our mouthguards are made of a stronger, more flexible material as well, enabling it to do a better job of defending your smile.

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TMJ/TMD Therapy

Woman in dental chair receiving TMJ/TMD therapy

The joints in your lower jaw, called the TMJ, or temporomandibular joints, can sometimes become strained or misaligned, and this can lead to a variety of dental and overall health issues, including chronic jaw pain and migraine headaches. Problems with this part of the body are generally referred to as a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), and at our practice, we’re able to diagnose and treat it using a variety of simple, effective, and non-invasive approaches that have been shown to relieve even the most stubborn pain.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Smiling man in dental chair

This year alone, about 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer, and many of them will be healthy adults who do not smoke or drink excessively. This disease is very treatable when caught in its earliest stages, which is why the American Cancer Society recommends that everyone should have at least one oral cancer screening per year. We can perform one as part of your regular checkup to make things nice and easy.

Your dentist will visually and tactilely examine your lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, neck, throat, and face for any signs of the disease, and if they find anything that causes concern, such as a persistent sore or scaly patch of tissue, they can advise you on how to take quick and appropriate action. We can even take a tissue sample and organize a biopsy so you can get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Ozone Therapy

Woman with flawless smile

When people hear “ozone,” they usually think about the layer of gasses that protect the Earth from the sun, but in actuality, it’s simply enriched oxygen. We can apply this helpful compound directly to your teeth to help kill oral bacteria and strengthen your enamel in order to prevent tooth decay and cavities. This minimally invasive and effective treatment can be applied in a multitude of ways, and it enables us to treat patients with alternative dental techniques.

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