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By Cristina D Bender DDS

We are still coming off of our exciting week of hosting The Breathe Institute with Dr. Soroush Zaghi and his team. The Breathe Institute is a global pioneer in advancing the standard of care to sleep and breathing and helping providers offer whole health for the whole family. Their multidisciplinary approach is at the forefront of airway management in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions related to sleep disordered breathing.

For two days, we trained with Dr. Zaghi and The Breathe Institute performing functional frenuloplasties on patients. This one-on-one hands on training was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both our patients and Pearl Care Dental. To top it off, local dental providers, members of the medical community, interested community members and patients were invited to a lecture given by Dr. Zaghi demonstrating the relationship between tongue ties and sleep, breathing and wellness.

This topic hits home for me personally as I was told that my oldest daughter Mila was tongue tied back in 2015. It was the next year that I would first listen to Dr. Zaghi speak and my airway journey would begin to not only help my family but our patients at Pearl Care Dental and our community.

I believe so strongly on the good of addressing tongue ties in children that Mila got her tongue tie release by Dr. Zaghi himself. I knew the benefits of releasing her tongue would help her breathe better and sleep better but never could I imagine what a huge impact her release would have on her.

Earlier this spring when Mila was playing soccer, we noticed that her gait while running looked quite peculiar. We went for an opinion at Children’s Hospital in Seattle and she was diagnosed with a slight femoral tilt that most often resolves itself yet in some cases would need surgery if not better by 11 years old.

After Mila’s tongue tie release that week, we noticed that her peculiar gait was gone! Even her soccer coach noticed during practice. Watching my child run freely and comfortably was such a powerful moment. So, what do tongue ties and running have to do with each other? The short answer is fascia. The tongue is connected to a fascia plane called the deep front line which runs all the way down to your toes. This is why after tongue ties people feel less tension in their bodies and we have heard plenty of these comments after the releases we performed at Pearl Care.

We are so excited to be an affiliate of The Breathe Institute and to be trained by Dr. Zaghi and his team. Being able to provide this life-changing treatment to our community is such a honor. It is our goal to help our patients achieve optimal smile and health through proper jaw and airway development and stabilization. It is with this goal that Pearl Care Dental continues to stay in the forefront of technology and the latest advancements and is committed to providing the best care possible for our patients by continually attending the nation’s top training programs to advance our knowledge and skills.

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