Spring has sprung at Pearl Care!

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By Dr Cristina D Bender DDS

Spring is the time for new beginning and that completely hold true at Pearl Care Dental. Our

commitment has always been to help our patients live their healthiest lives. As a result of this, our

practice has grown throughout the years outside of traditional dentistry (fillings, crowns, cleanings, etc.).

We still do those procedures and much more as they are an important part of a healthy mouth.

However, at Pearl Care Dental, we passionately believe in getting to the root cause and treat it or

prevent it altogether! A big motivating factor in this transition has been trying to find solutions for my

own health issues and those of my family: crooked teeth, allergies, ear and sinus infections, snoring,

poor sleep and headaches. When we are not firing on all cylinders, we cannot be the best version of

ourselves to live our best life!

So, what has changed at Pearl Care Dental. On the surface much looks the same. However, there has

been much growth and learning this year with more to come! We have developed specialty teams

focused on a multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of nasal

obstruction, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and breathing disorders. With our passion for providing

whole health for the whole family, we recently have been approved to become an Affiliate of The

Breathe Institute based out of Los Angeles led by world-renowned ENT Dr. Soroush Zaghi. The Breathe

Institute is a global pioneer in bringing airway support to sleep and breathing while advancing the

standard of care through research. The entire Pearl Care Dental team will be taking “The Breathe

Course,” a 5 day knowledge packed course about breathing, sleep, facial growth, tongue-ties and more.

Even more exciting, I and select team members will be traveling to Los Angeles learning directly from Dr.

Zaghi to perform his tongue tie release techniques, called Functional Frenuloplasty. To top it off, Dr.

Zaghi and members of The Breathe Institute will be coming to Pearl Care Dental later in the year! A

handful of selected patients will be receiving a Functional Frenuplasty done by me while Dr. Zaghi is

proctoring. He will also be giving a private lecture during his stay here in Ellensburg. We are honored

and humbled that Pearl Care Dental has been chosen to be part of such an amazing organization such as

the Breathe Institute.

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